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Use of geographic information technologies

There are a number of applications that use GIS in several economic sectors Geographic, such as transportation, medicine, agriculture, mineral exploration, forestry and management. Geographic information technologies are used in…


Geographic Technology


Geographic Information Technology uses computer tools to analyze geographic information in a geographic information system (GIS). In a GIS, real data is stored in a georeferenced database, which can be visualized using maps. There is a dynamic link between the displayed maps and the stored georeferenced data, i.e. a change in the records leads to a change in the folder and vice versa.


(Categories of Geographical Technology)


Geographical Indications Technology

Geographical indications (GIs) are tools that manufacturers in the least developed

countries can use to exploit the potential of these products and open up new

opportunities for trade and more inclusive development. So To be effective,

geographical indications must be incorporate as part of an overall trade-promoting

strategy. UNCTAD helps LDCs identify regions and product pairs to assess

the potential of GIs as rural development tools to alleviate poverty. So It also

raises awareness of geographical indications among decision makers.

Economic geography Technology

Economic geography takes a variety of approaches to many different topics,

including the location of industries, urban economics (also known as “connections”),

transportation, international trade, development, real estate, gentrification, ethnic

economies, gender economies, the theory of the periphery, the urban economy,

the relationship between the environment and the economy (linked to a long

history of geographers studying cultural-environmental interaction) and globalization.

Hazards Geography Technology

Accepting the causes and things of natural hazards has been greatly helped

by technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote

sensing and cable imagery, as well as advances in the collection and

distribution of information. However In addition, various technologies have been

used to protect areas from damage or to minimize damage when events

occur. So However, available technologies are all too often aimed at raip

fixes and corrections, which inhibits rather than increases our

understanding of the factors involved.

Human Geography Technology

So Population geography is the sub discipline of human geography that

has been concerned with describing, analyzing, and reflecting on the

geographic organization and growth of human populations in their

environmental and social environment. However Therefore, it is distinguish

from demographics, which as a mathematical science for the human

population focuses on the processes of fertility, mortality and migration,

and how these create predictable populations.

Geographical distribution Technology

However The geographical distribution of the average incoming solar radiation

(shortwave) in a horizontal plane is shown in Figure 3.1a – d for each of

the four seasons. So The data show a significant dependence on cloud cover

conditions and other variables affecting the arrangement of radiation on

its way from the top to the bottom of the atmosphere. However These data form the

basis for further analysis regarding the suitability of the power for energy

conversion in thermal units and electricity producers.

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