Geographical Information Systems Technology

Geographic Information Systems or GIS are basically a computer program that collects, analyzes, manages and displays geographic data. Of course, there are many different types of GIS systems. And they offer the same to varying degrees depending on the detail you need. GIS has many use and is now widely use in many different areas to provide accurate information about a particular area. The use of maps to find out what you need to know has been done for a long time. And one of the first uses of geographic analysis was in 1832 to map the progression of cholera in Paris. The number of death was record and the areas of the city affected. Were note in order to produce a color-code map.

Modern GIS works

Modern GIS works by collecting information from many sources to a specific location using latitude and longitude to locate selected points. This information is then collect to display a specific image, for example, if you want to know the possibility of flood risk. Using information on precipitation, gradient, and the location of rivers or streams will be able to show the probability of flooding. This can be the key when planning a business park or when building new homes. Another common application of GIS is fleet management.

Geographical Information technology to map routes

Logistics managers must ensure that they keep their vehicles running and that they are as economical as possible when planning the use of their vehicles. Using this technology to map routes will undoubtedly save time. Money and mileage as the most direct or efficient route to the destination is display. This means that the company can direct resources to where they are need. Which will inevitably make the company more efficient and streamlined. The technology has also been use in conjunction with the global positioning satellite to show how global warming has transform the landscape in many area over the past decade. Some of the regions with the most notable differences include the Dead Sea. The Amazon rainforest, and shrinking Arctic sea ice.

Geographical Information Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry have also used GIS and GPS successfully to monitor crops and areas reserved for wildlife management. This research has been fundamental to the conservation of rare species of flora. And fauna in many regions of the world.

As you can see, there are many uses for GIS and it can be used by anyone. Whether you are running a multinational company. And want to use the system for strategic planning. Or someone who wants to buy a new one. . a company or a government department that investigates the improvement of transportation problems or even a scientist. Who wants to track a disease outbreak. Using this useful tool can make a difference in improving a country’s economy, ecology, and quality of life for its citizens. There are many things that the use of this technology. Can do to make a difference not only in our own lives but also in our society.

What is a Geographic Information System Technology?


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